Game rules of Battleship

This game is essentially played between two players. When you start playing the game you have to locate where the opponent ships are being placed. This is your main job. Most of the time the ships are hidden on a grid and you have to find them out. All the players play in

turns and they prefer to call out the rows and the columns. This is the way games are being played. The attempt is always to calll out the name of a squarre where the enemy ships are generally hidden. To play the game you at least need two players.

Both the players are provided with boards along with the two grids, and these arte accompanies by five ships and and a collection of hit and miss markers. You can even play the game with paper and pen. However, to play the game of baords you have some basic rules and these are also known as Salvo.


The players play in turns and they take shots at each other. You can take a shot by calling out the space coordinates on the 10 x 10 grid space. One player will have one shot at a time. You can call the coordinates of a space exactly where the ships are mainly located. He is made to know by his opponent and the opponent says hit. In case the player misses the chance the opponent wil say miss. This is the rule of the game.

Make sure to mark all the shots which you have taken on the opponent’s grid. They can be both hit and miss shots. You must iddentify them well. This you do in order to avoid calling a singlr space more than once. It is also important for you to mark the self grid as well. These arte mainly the spaces or the areas being attacked by the opponent.

Once you hit all the squares a ship is made to sink. After this is done the player to whom the ship may belong will say. You have sunk my battleship. This is the rule of the game. Making the declaration is important.
If you are the one who can destroy all the ships quicker than the others then it is assumed that yiu have won in the game.

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