Electronic battleship game

Battleship board game, that has become tremendously popular among the gamers of the world apart form adults who play it to kill their boredom, has forced toy manufacturers to come up with an innovative electronic version. This is still a board game but comes in the shape of a laptop where on the screen players see their vessels and decide where to place them. This is really wonderful game that produces all the thrilling sounds of a vessel being destroyed which excites the players more when they hit opponent’s ships.

The electronic version is really cool where players can even give voice commands and have special weapons to sink enemy’s ships. The game makes use of a programmable computer which stores the positions of the vessels of the opposing players. When a player takes his turn, there are sounds which are different. When he hits opponent’s ship there are large explosion sounds while there is a different sound for a miss. Both the players get turns to place their vessels which are 5 in number. These vessels are aircraft carrier, cruise ship, submarine and patrol boat respectively that take up various number of squares on the territory haled by a player. The most attractive feature of this electronic versi0on of the classic battleship game is the addition of special weapons that can hit many grids simultaneously to hit a vessel in the enemy territory. There is also a scanning system which a player can use to find out the location of the ships of the opponent.

As the territory of the players is divided into a grid system, a player has to call or enter the grid number that he intends to hit. Say for example if he calls out D4, the weapon he chooses hits the exact grid in the enemy territory. If you guessed right, and the opponent indeed has placed one of his ships on the grid, he hits the ship and then gets repeated chances to destroy the ship completely. It is when he misses that the opponent gets a chance to take a shot.

Electronic battleship game has caught the fancy of the people all round the world and is being played by more and more people today.

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