Battleship board game

Before the advent of internet and the modern electronic games, it was the classical board games that kept people interested all the time. Chinese checker, snakes and ladders, chess, draught, and many other games proved to be a great time pass for the people the world over. Business is one board game that is played by every kid with his siblings and friends. Amidst these board games, Battleship is one game that is almost 80 year old now and still played with same interest that was there when it was first introduced. This is a typical war game that requires players to target opponent’s vessels and to destroy them when his turn comes. The board is divided into two parts that are held by the two players. Both place their ships on squares that are made in the territory and their exact location is not known to the players.

Each player fires when his turn comes and if his shot does not find a target (A ship), the other player gets a turn and takes a shot. This process continues until a player finds a ship. He then gets repeated chances to destroy a vessel of the enemy until he misses. The game continues like this and the player who loses all his ships first loses the game.

Each player gets 5 vessels that he places on the squares as per his choice and the location of these vessels is guessed by the opponent with every shot. The biggest of the vessels is an aircraft carrier that takes up five squares and is an easy target for the opponent. A battleship takes up 4 squares and is also easily found. Then there is a submarine taking up 3 squares and also a cruiser that also covers 3 squares. These two are not so easy to fins for any player. But the smallest is the patrol boat that stands on only two squares and is the hardest to locate. Sometimes it is very irritating to destroy all other vessels and to repeatedly miss this patrol boat, but at the same time this happens to be the beauty of the game as well that makes players keep on playing this game for long.

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