Facts about Battleship PC game

You sink the ship of your opponent before he sinks your – this is the real fun of the game. It is really fun accepting the challenge in the game. Adopt a perfect stratgey and start postitioning your battleships perfectly. In this way you can even make things confusing for the computer itself. This is the real motto of the game. You have to keep people guessing. If your strategies are right then the computer will surely have a hard time where you are at the end of everything. Just try to guess where the opponents ships are being positioned on board and once you are able to loacte those it would be your credit to sink the ships as fast as possible and this you have to do with the least amount of movement.

Have a good look at the gaming screen and choose the places where you need to place the ships. Juts make the use of the mouse and try to handle the battleships just by left clicking left on them and in the process you also need to point the board. Make use of the arrow keys on the keyboard and in this way you can both turn and rotate the ship. You must do this before you place the ship on the board. Next it is your turn to position the battleship rightly and after this is done you need to left click in order to set the ship in the right place. This is how the whole thing takes place.

The next board you are talking about is your opponent’s computer screen. Just try to select the positions on the opponent;s board and click left with the help of the mouse in order to shoot. This you have to do perfectly and with great skill. After you have hit the computer’s ship once you must tyr to do it again till you miss the ship or yoiu sinnk it deep into the water. At times you can even position the ships just beside each other on the playing board.

There are certain changes to be adopted when you are playing the battleship game on the computer. It is easy managing the moves of the games on the PC.

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